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Trash Metal

This is my signature act, I've been performing Trash Metal for almost as long as I've been performing burlesque. Created in 2011 for a live metal burlesque show in Seattle called Metalesque I'm proud to say that I've been tearing my way out of trash and into audiences hearts for 7 years now! Featured in the Edmonton Burlesque Festival making me an international performer and in my home states long running circus showcase the Moisture Festival I can honestly say that this trash has turned my life in to treasure time and again! Taking the idea of the feather fan dance and bump and grinding it through punk rock I've created something that surprises audiences everywhere I go and I plan on doing this act until the day I die. What can I say I'm Trashy and Classy! Performed to Garbage Man by The Cramps.

More, More, More!

This number starts off classic but ends up kinky. Set to the musings of Madonna's I'm Breathless Music From and Inspired by Dick Tracy this act is performed to the track More about never being able to get enough. This act was created for Peepshow Menageries Oh'O a Burlesque of Fetish in the winter of 2012.  I enter the stage in my best burlesque and strip rather classically for a while until we get to the dress underneath which I have hidden a length of cording with clothes pins clamped to it, this is known as a zipper. I then proceed to pinch my tender bits between the wooden vices from my nipples all the way down to my woo hoo she's not gonna put hem there is she! At which point I've already picked someone in the crowd to hand over the honors to as I put the end of the rope in their hand and tell them to hold on tight as I run backwards out off my body's torture death dropping to the ground in writhing ecstasy! More, More, More!!!

Toxic Love

Well I did not set out to become the self appointed Queen of the Apocalypse but that's exactly what happened one late night in the desert of the Apocalypse! This is a glowing display of my most classic strip tease artistry, shot during Wasteland Weekends 2013 Post Apocalyptic Late Night Cabaret. Performed to the song Toxic Love sung by the evil Hexus a creature made completely out of pollution and voiced by the incomparable Tim Curry there has simply never been a more burlesque song in a family film! And if I refrained from covering myself in goo at the end of this number this might be my most classic act but Hell it is the Apocalypse! I'll just be over hear reigning from atop my garbage pile, Long Live the Queen!

Fire N Ice

As Winter turns to Spring the chills melt away and the flowers begin to bloom.  This act utilizes flash thread effects to melt away the ice of which my costume is comprised. This video is also a fine example of my love and nack for performing with a live band. When you dance with a band its like being a part of the band you feed off of their energy and they feed off of yours and with in that magic is made. This video is from Sultry Sweet Burlesque featuring the musical stylings of the Hungry Kisses. I love working with this show and with this band and have been playing  with them on stage for years.  

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