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Take My Breath Away

A nod to the joys of  auto erotic asphyxiation and breath play Take My Breath Away is an act the audience never see's coming. I enter the stage as the Top Gun classic begins to play while dressed in my most elegant burlesque attire from head to toe. I then turn and return to reveal a roll of plastic wrap from some secret place inside as I strip everything away "I will turn to you and say, if only  for today, I am unafraid" and proceed to mummify myself from the knees up to face as I writhe around the stage in ecstasy. Eventually  I begin unwinding myself ripping the layers away and blowing and throwing them into the crowd maybe binding the wrists of a lucky audience member to give them something to remember me by. Performed to  Take My Breath Away by Berlin

Wild Rose

 They call me the Wild Rose! This act was created for Hubba Hubba Revues Valentines Day Massacre. It begins with a dozen roses being lovingly handed to the audience be me to Bette Midlers The Rose taking a special moment with every recipient. The mood then changes drastically when Nick Cave's Where the Wild Roses Grow begins to play at which point I unwrap my gown which is several yards of sparking red fabric and lay it on the ground as I get on all fours and invite all of my rose holders to join me onstage where they are instructed to destroy my flowers by striking them across my ass! Happy Valentines!  

An American Werewolf

An American Werewolf  in London inspired by the 1981 John Landis  film of the same name was created for The Miss Exotic Oregon competition in Nov 2016 and won me a position in the final round. It's a right before your very eyes werewolf transformation from snarling beast mode complete with screaming werewolf attack followed by an unfurling as I shed away the monster. I then completely wind down from a night of ravaging to rest only to be awoken to reveal a confused naked human as I run off the stage stealing a handful of balloons from the Emcee as I dash past into the night! Howl! This act is performed to a mash up of Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge and Closer by NIN  

The Fand Dance

I created my Fands after being struck by inspiration at the dollar store around Halloween. I stood there in the aisle with a couple dozen severed hands splayed out in the shape of classic burlesque feather fans and it was just to funny not to. I utilize classic feather fan techniques to conceal and reveal as I tease the crowd and bring the term feel yourself up to a whole new level. This act has had many incarnations and has been performed to: Rock N Roll Suicide by David Bowie ~ Enjoy the Silence by  Depeche Mode and Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie   

The Pick Pocket Magician was the first Burlesque act  I ever created in Miss Indigo Blue's Academy of Burlesque. Hold onto your family jewels because I'm gonna use the art of distraction to lift everything you've got! Behind every trick is a new reveal and behind every reveal I've got more of your goods and my goods as well! Credit cards, gold watches, jewelery and don't forget all that cold hard cash because non of it is safe! With the help of the rabbit in my hat we will take you for everything you've got and you'll enjoy every moment of the Magic! Performed to Magic Man by Heart.

Hoochie Coochie

Prohibition be damned nothing is stopping me from getting my Hoch! In classic flapper style I slick right into any speak easy. Wanna drink? I brought enough to share, with flasks hidden in almost every place possible. Under that fur wrap most certainly, stashed in the corset you bet, what about the stockings of course my dear in the bra you better believe it, in her hair No Way! Yes, Way! Cheers Darlings, Bottoms Up! Performed to Alcohol by GoGol Bordello

Play The Game

"Just open up your mind and let me step inside, Rest your weary head and let your heart decide" It's so easy when you know the rules of Love and Ram+page the Clown Gurl is here to teach you how to play and win the game of love. It involves a bullseye bra, a sling shot, a pair go giant waisted clown pants and your dollars for ammo! Step right up folks! Show us what you've got, impress your friends, win a balloon animal for your date! Just keep those dollars flying and I'll keep on catching them as I strip from giant pants to a tiny g-string that would make the itsy, bitsy, tinny, wienie yellow polka dot bikini  look like a kite by comparison I will still catch your thrown dollars in my ever shrinking drawers! I am the carnival game! And Everyones a winner! performed to Play the Game by Queen

I Burn

The stuff of dreams and nightmares this act is inspired by the classic horror maniac Freddy Kruger! Always employing creative ways to bring his victims to their end this act showcases a set of classically inspired burlesque fans that are an extension of Freddy themselves made of two dozen sets of Kruger Gloves with glittering points! But before the show is thru Freddy might just meet their end as a set of silk fans emerge and completely engulf our villain in a whirl of flaming fury! Performed to I Burn by The Toadies 

Krampus: I'm Gonna Getcha!

Tis the season, is that sleigh bells I hear? Nope it's the jingling of Krampus's chains as they stalk the night searching for all those who've been naughty this year to beat them with birch branches before stuffing them in a giant sack and taking them off into the night never to be see or heard from again! Santa keeps themselves busy will nice but someones got to deal with the naughty and that someone is me Krampus! Because One Way or Another I'm Gonna Find You! I'm Gonna Getcha, Getcha, Getcha, Getcha! performed to One Way Or Another by Blondie   

Gett Off!

We've all heard of air guitar but what about an air orgy!?! In this act I'm a total sex fiend and the whole audience isn't enough to satisfy me! Masturbation is tough in a straight jacket but with a little assistance from a helpful crowd I might just get my fix! After escaping my jacket the audience is invited to join me on stage for a spectacle of deptchery unlike any they've ever seen! I take each person and assemble them into a Rube Goldberg machine of air humping to mastermind an orgy of ancient grecian proportions! Created for Let's Go Crazy in Seattle Wa about a mad scientist taking the psychosis of an entire asylum to create the perfect being Prince! I played the part of Prince's libido. Performed to the nearly nine min extended version of Gett Off by Prince. 

These Shoes are Mine Betch!

The story books would have you believe that Oz's Witch of the West was a wicked woman obsessed with power and hellbent on revenge! I would like you to look through a less biased filter in seeing her as a highly sensitive and misunderstood individual with incredible fashion sense and a take no shit from nobody attitude! Like the song say's it ain't easy being green. And those shoes where promised to her in the event of her sisters untimely demise and by god she's gonna get them! I mean ruby slippers and blue gingham? What was Dorothy thinking? Nobody can pull of that look. And besides they are gonna look so good with this tight little black number, so let's get some shoes! Performed to Shoes by Kelly. 

Less Teeth More Tits

"Am I tucked in and buckled? Do my tits touch? Hi how are you? How high are you? Less teeth and more tits it's never enough, you'll never be good enough!!!" This act is an exhibition of all the inner thoughts that plague us in creating our misconceptions of self worth. We will never be what we see in the magazines on television and in movies. Marketing is geared to make us hate ourselves so that we buy anything and everything we are told we need to be beautiful and as a result loved. This act is about the extent to which we go to attain the unattainable when we work from a place of self hate to achieve a place of self love we will ultimately destroy ourselves in the process. I enter the stage as a beauty queen and unravel into a person willing to mutilate herself through self hate motivated surgery to achieve a beauty that will never be. Performed to Less Teeth More Tits by the Lunachix    

Darth Mauled

It takes a lot of work to be this bad ass! Witness the training of a warrior, as Darth Maul my red glowing double sided lightsaber will never hit the floor, never drop your guard! I work with a weighted staff and flow through a series of  momentum based rotations, stalls and strikes as the staff never stops moving. Stripping and striking I unveil a body that is just as elaborately decorated as my face. This act isn't about being sexy it's about being an intergalactic bad ass! Performed to Paint It Black by Ministry.    

Who Are You?

Who Are You? That is the question and in the case of this act I am a super stoned caterpillar ready for a transformative experience! This act utilized fog and black light effects to achieve a truly trippy experience and you're all invited! Down the rabbit whole we go in this act inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Entering the stage as a hooka toting caterpillar I strip down and out of my tail that magically doubles as a cocoon that I emerge from with newly discovered wings that waft smoke and glow in the black lights as I lazily drift away. Performed to In My Head from the Matrix Revolutions soundtrack.

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