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Theater: Player ~ Costumer ~ Director ~ Technician ~ Make-Up Artist ~ Teacher

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In 2012 my performance partner Maya Papaya, Shannon Sukovaty, Lee Marshall, Dan Sugi, Argent Lloyd and  Myself co-founded a children's musical theater company called Creating Arts Company  in Los Angeles, California. We specialized in interactive performances as well as parties and classes. We produced over 40 shows during the 4 years I was an  active member including original works, we also did outreach for children's hospitals and military families. I have played nearly every villain or villainous side kick  in fairy tale history and it's been wonderful having the chance to meet the kids and families after the shows where they can engage and interact with us as we never break character! I love the kids that stand up for the heroes and heroines and the kids that identify and align with the "bad guy" but my favorites are the ones that get the chance to be brave and meet me someone who may have just scared the heck out of them and made them cry. They get the unique opportunity to face their fears and feel brave for doing so. I know how it might sound but I love  making kids cry in an environment that is safe for them to feel and face the things that scare them. Scared hugs that end in triumph for being brave enough to face their fears and overcome them are the absolute best!

Characters: ~The Wicked Witch: The Wizard of Oz ~  Grizella: Rapunzel ~ Maleficent: Sleeping Beauty a Rock Opera ~ Iogo: Aladdin ~Hiss: Robinhood ~ Flotsum & Jetsom: The Little Mermaid ~ Lumiar: Beauty and the Beast ~ The Queen of Hearts: Alice in Wonderland ~The Child Catcher: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ~ Mosh: The Boondoggles ~  Evil Queen: Snow White~ Wicked Step Mother: Cinderella

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