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Emcee ~ Mistress of Ceremonies ~ Hostess with the MostAss! ~ Ring Master ~ Officiate 

I'm your Hostess with the Most Ass and just the right amount of sass and class at the Worlds Greatest Show Club Portland's own Kit Kat Cabaret! Every Tuesday I Ring Mistress Sideshow Spectacular Tuesdays the worlds only fully female, fully nude sideshow revue!

I have also had the express pleasure of Hostessing two shows per evening on Friday and Saturday nights! On occasion I'm lucky enough to Wo-man the Big Top Booty Drop Portland's best weekly booty shaken completion, held every Thursday at Midnight!   

In 2013 a stripper walks into a bar and walks out with a show. That bar was the historic Del Monte Speak Easy even prohibition couldn't get them down in the basement of the Town House in Venice Beach California, that woman was Lulu Mon Dieu and that show was what would become The Bootleg Bombshells. Instructed to return the next week with her "dancers"  she assembled a hand full of performers and returned and has been returning every week ever since! I was one of those performers  a founding member, featured entertainer, co-producer, and original host with over 100 shows under my garter belt! 

Church of Titillation: New York, New York

In the spring of 2015 I unlocked a life long goal and performed in New York's Time Square!  In the heart of the city in what used to be Exotic World a peepshow and adult arcade  but had since become a year round haunted house called Time Scare I was invited by the Burlesque Mayor of New York Jonny Porkpie to co-produce, co-host and perform in five weeks worth of shows in his weekly burlesque show Church of Titillation! 

Burlesque A-Long: Seattle, Wa

Burlesque A-Longs are very near and dear to my heart as they where the first burlesque shows I ever produced. Like a sing a-long or a quote a-long Burlesque A-Longs combined my love of cult cinema, burlesque and classic midnight movie horror hosting. Burlesque A-longs found an enthusiastic home at Seattle's  Central Cinema creating a full evening of entertainment with a movie, full bar and restaurant and a burlesque show inspired by the film interspersed through out. Hosted by yours truly, honoring those that came before me and adding my own twist. This is probably as close to being Vampira or Elvira as I'll ever get!  

One Offs, Festivals, Fetish Events, Birthdays...

 I can also be hired to host your shows and special events! Are you producing a one time engagement? Do you rotate your hosts? Is your regular host out of town? My services are available to you! I love hosting birthdays, inviting and encouraging  your guests to have the best time  ever and keeping the energy up and the night flowing. I  love hosting fetish events, laying out and reiterating the rules of engagement establishing environments of enthusiastic consent  for your guests to explore and enjoy with knowledge and accountability. I am happy to donate my talents on the microphone to fundraisers for causes I support and believe in. I am also an ordained minister with The Universal Life Church and am available to officiate weddings and other life transitions.

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