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Clown and Bound
Pam-Page the Clown Gurl
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Clown Wedding
Ram-Page the Clown Gurl
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Clowned and Bound
Killjoy's Psycho Circus
Ram-Page the Clown Gurl

Clowning ~ RamPage the Clown Gurl ~ Rock n Roll Clown Stripper ~ Professional Fool

My first time as a clown. Shot in front of Jumbo's Clown Room, and the rest is history!


Ram-Page the Clown Gurl

Believe it or not I did not choose clowning, clowning chose me. I never set out to be a clown but I am grateful that the joys of the fool presented themselves into my life when they did. I like to say that I laugh so I don't cry and that's why I'm so hilarious, but their is truth in that statement. It was a place of grieving that clowning found its way into my  life and heart. I had moved to Los Angeles in the spring of 2012 and  had just gotten a job at a little rock n roll bikini bar on Hollywood blvd called Jumbo's Clown Room. It was during that first week that the terrible and shocking news came down the pipe line that a mass shooting had taken the lives of half a dozen people in my old neighborhood in Seattle Wa, two of those lives belonged to my friends. Shmootsi the Clod and Mashugana Joe of the merry band of misfits God's Favorite Beefcake they had played my going away party just months prior and I was heart broken knowing there was no way I could afford to return to mourn their lose surrounded by friends. They where amazing people, amazing musicians and they where also clowns. So as I headed into work the day I heard the news  because what was I gonna do stay home and cry? Hell no I headed to the clown room was promptly poured 2 giant shots of cheap whisky painted my face and got on stage thinking well I hope they like crying clown girls, cuz thats what they're gonna get! I danced, I cried and I drank to much whisky that day but thought hell there is no better was to honor my dearly departed  clown friends than to paint  up and strip down at a rock and roll clown strip club! And thats how Ram-Page the Clown Gurl found her way into this world and I've been spreading joy as a Rock n Roll Clown Stripper ever since! My clowning has crossed all of my performance platforms from Burlesque to Kink Events, Bachelor and Birthday Parties, Film and Television, Festivals and tourning and I even teach a workshop that is a history and introduction to Clowning called Playing to Fool: The History of Jest

Jumbos Clown Room:

Lovingly referred to as my clown college the four years I spent at Jumbo's Clown Room made me the performer I am today. Jumbo's is a historic Rock N Roll bikini bar on Hollywood Blvd that's been around for just shy of 50 years. Jumbos is a quaint little venue that packs in loads of talent every night of the week: Contortionists, Pole Acrobats, Fetish, Comedy, Burlesque and of course Clown Girls! The first time I performed as a clown was at this most appropriate  of establishments. The clown sisterhood driven home by Jumbo's clown car aka a dressing room the size of a closet that houses up to 12 dancers at a time is unlike anything else in the world. I love my Clown Sisters more than I can say! Join my Fan Club Team Ram-Page on Facebook! Check out the historic Jumbo's Clown Room online  ~

Every Vagina Is a Snowflake: A Dispatch from Portland's Vagina Beauty Pageant

Susan Elizabeth Shepard

AUG 5 2015

The contest's judges were supposed to rate vaginas on "20 percent physical beauty, 20 percent talent, 60 percent vagina beauty," but shock value mattered more than anything else...

After dancing for several years a Jumbo's some friends from the fetish community Bella Bathory and Snow Mercy aka Chemical Burn the Clown invited me to be the  feature clown stripper for an installment of a new show on the Playboy Channel that explored underground communities. This particular installment would showcase the Clown fetish Coulrophilia! "Coulrophilia is the paraphilia involving sexual attraction to clowns, mimes and jesters. The most likely reason behind this paraphilia is the lack of a childhood, but some say the attraction is because the person behind the face paint could be anybody that you may or may not know"(the Urban Dictionary). And they couldn't think of a better clown girl than yours truly! We spent the day cruising around in a clown car stirring up shenanigans  and playing human operation in a moving vehicle and big topped the night off at my home club Jumbo's Clown Room! And thats how I ended up on the Playboy Channel! 


In the summer of  2015 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Competition Weekend  I entered into holy Clowntramony with my lovely Clown Hersband Kooter Jeggins aka Burlesque Sensation Tiffa Titillywinks under the officiation of the Bishop of Burlesque for the second annual BHOF tradition that is the Clown Wedding a life long commitment to be clowny and bring joy into the world by whatever means necessary!  But not long after that I met the man that would be my future Husband the one and only Paul Rudd while working at Jumbo's Clown Room and like any good fairy tale we met, feel in love almost instantaneously and we decided we should probably just get married! It would make both of us bigamists "but aw Fuck It!" We don't have a date set yet but when we do it'll be back to Vegas we Go!  Everyones invited!

The Playboy Channel: Undercover ~ Cocktails and Clowns

Ram-Page the Clown Bigamist:

Birthday Bash: 

Shot on a red cam for a series showcasing smashing things in super slow mo. Concept, Costuming, Hair, MakeUp, Art Direction&Produced By Me Ram-Page the Clown Gurl! Proving you can have your cake and smash it with your ass too!

Killjoy's Psycho Circus:

In the fifth installment of the Killjoy series produced by Full Moon Entertainment I play Psycho #4 aka La Cucaratcha the Clown one on Satan's minions sent to return Killjoy to Hell!!!

Clowneival # 9:

Shot at the historic Clown Motel just north of Las Vegas right next door to a grave yard this is the stuff nightmares are made of! There is no greater evil than Clowneival...#9!!! rated R

 25th Anniversary of Killer Clowns Form Outer Space: Burlesque Clown 

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