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Yoga Guide: Trained in Reshikish, India ~ 200 hour Certification ~ 8 Limbs  

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My Education: After practicing yoga for over half my life I was inspired to level up my education and experience and began hunting for a yoga teacher training course. After much deliberation that felt really ridiculous when it was all said and done because what better place could there be to study Yoga than the place of its birth India. In the winter of 2017 my partner Patrick Johnston and I traveled to the holy land of Reshikish India in the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the Ganga River to immerse ourselves in our studies. We attended an intensive 200 hour teacher training course at Avatar Yoga School that covered all of the 8 Limbs of which Yoga is comprised:  The Yamas: the 5 moral restraints of Kindness, truthfulness, non stealing, moderation and generosity. The Niyamas: the 5 observances purity, commitment, austerity,self study and surrender. Asana: (which westerners usually refer to as Yoga) which are the postures that connect the body, mind and spirit to create strength, flexibility balance and focus. Pranyama: which are breath control exercises. Pratyahara: which is the practice of turning inward and releasing your own senses and being completely of the mind. Dhahran: the practice of focus and attention. Dhyana: the practice of meditation, observation and refection. And the last door to unlock after much hard work, exploration, dedication, release and surrender Samadhi also know as Nirvana which is a place of pure bliss, tranquility, fulfillment, and spiritual illumination. To learn more about Samadhi: 

My Mission:

Much of the western practice of Yoga is hugely problematic with a lack of respect and understanding for Yoga's origins. I know that there are real issues with how westerners have taken Yoga as their own and have done whatever they wish with it mostly commercializing it and ignoring its history. (I am not blameless in all of this I practiced for many years with out digging deeper into it origins but that time is over).  It is not Yogas fault that practitioners have not reached a place that they can see that what they are doing is wrong and goes directly against the practices that Yoga teaches.


There is no reason to turn your back on this sacred ancient practice that so many other practices have evolved from, borrowed from, adopted and outright taken. Yoga is for everyone the very teachings of Yoga say it is so. If everyone embraced Yoga and made it a part of their path I do believe that the world could achieve peace on a scale never before imagined but you have to have an understanding and respect for the origin of the practice and those who have worked so hard to keep it alive for literally thousands of years.


It is my mission to create space where No person of Desi dissent will ever pay to practice under my guidance where no person of color will ever be expected to pay to practice with me, if an individual feels so  inclined to donate to me  for my time I will pay that donation forward, all of it!  When it is up to me my classes will always be donation based and no one that wishes to practice will ever be denied.  Yoga is for everyone and I refuse to buy into the exclusive elitist yoga culture that is in direct opposition of this ancient sacred practice. Keep an eye out for outdoor sessions all summer long all over Portland Oregon. To pay tribute to the land of Yogas Birth go to:

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